Transportation Dot Coloring Pages

As parents and educators, we are always looking for activities to support early learning. And it’s a big bonus to combine art with educational concepts to piqué our preschooler’s interests and spark their imaginations. If you are working through a transportation or “things that go” unit, these transportation dot coloring pages will fit nicely into your lesson plan.

Transportation Dot Coloring Pages

Dot markers are incredibly fun for kids to use! The size of the dauber style markers fit comfortably in small hands, making them perfect for preschoolers who are developing their finger and grip strength. And they give youngsters an engaging opportunity to develop manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.  This printable activity set is full of vehicles, including an airplane, school bus, tug boat, hot air balloon and more! Your pre-k student is certain to find a favorite vehicle to bring to life, and will most likely ask for more. So you may want to print the entire set at once. 😉

Transportation Dot Coloring Pages

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