Toy Car Painting and Writing Activity

When my boys were younger it seemed like it was a struggle to get them interested in writing their names. One of my boys was especially difficult about wanting to write anything. So, we found something he loved, toy cars, and taught him how to write letters with his cars. This Toy Car Painting and Writing Activity was such a fun way to get him interested in writing.

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Toy Car Painting and Writing Activity


  • 1 Piece of cardstock or thick construction paper.
  • Paint. 
  • Toy Cars.
  • Paper plate or paint palette.

This is a great project for younger kids just learning how to recognize letters and shapes. Or, you could let your little ones create a masterpiece and frame it and have an inexpensive custom piece of art in their room!

Begin by letting your little one choose the paint colors they want to use. Then, pick out one or two toy cars to use. My son liked the trucks with textured wheels more than he liked cars with smooth wheels. Textured wheels tend to spray a little more paint on the paper, but it still creates a really fun art project.

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Now, roll the car through one color of paint. You may need to roll off some of the excess paint off the bottom of the car.

Next, use the car with paint on the wheels to roll out each letter. If you use a larger toy car, you may need one sheet of paper for each letter. But, I love the idea of creating an entire alphabet with toy cars or motorcycles paintings. We were able to write our son’s name on just one sheet of paper with two smaller toy cars.

You could also use this art project to teach shapes, number recognition, and colors in a classroom!

That’s it! I hope you’re inspired to teach your little ones letter recognition with a fun toy car painting and writing activity like this!

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