Torn Paper Flag Art Project

When May finally rolls around, I typically pull out all of patriotic decorations. My birthday is just before the Fourth of July, so I may be a little more patriotic than others. I tear up when I hear the national anthem, I got goosebumps walking through Washington DC and even Boston. I am a very proud American. So, I want to share a simple Torn Paper Flag Art Project that even the youngest patriots can make!

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Torn Paper Flag Art Project



  • 1 piece each red, white, and blue paper.
  • White Paint.
  • School Glue.

This project is perfect for young and old patriots. And, tearing paper is a great fine motor skill for little ones.

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Begin by tearing seven strips of red paper approximately a half an inch wide down the length of the paper.

Then, tear a rectangle from the blue paper. We used a scrap piece of blue construction paper for this project.

Now, glue the red strips of paper onto the white construction paper. Start with red at the very top of the long edge of the white paper. Then, leave a white space about the same size as red strips of paper. Repeat this step until you have thirteen red and white strips on the paper.

Next, glue the blue rectangle to the top left side of the paper.

Once the glue is fully dry, add white paint to a palette or paper plate and dip your finger into the paint. Use your fingertip to paint stars onto the blue paper.

This torn paper flag project would be a great project for history lessons too.

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That’s it! This is such fun way to display the flag! This would even be an awesome addition to a home school space for the daily pledge of allegiance! I hope you’re inspired to use this to show off your patriotic pride.

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