Toddler Craft Project: Painting Bread for Snack Time

Toddler Food Craft - Painting Bread

When I mentioned this toddler craft idea by saying Lucy and I were painting bread, my friends’ first response was “why?” Why? Because it makes snack time more fun!

I will admit that it’s harder to find kids’ crafts that get my toddler engaged than it is to find good ones for her pre-school-aged sister.  Lucy just doesn’t have the dexterity or attention span for a lot of kids crafts.  Bread painting, however, was interesting enough for her to enjoy and short enough for her to…not stop enjoying, I guess.  I love how you can have this craft lead right into snack time, too!

What You Need for Toddler Bread Painting

  • Milk
  • Bread
  • Food coloring
  • Bowls/containers
  • Paint brushes


Let your little Picasso or O'Keefe go!  This toddler craft doesn't expect more from them than they can do, and look how fun it is!

Let your little Picasso or O’Keefe go! This toddler craft doesn’t expect more from them than they can do, and look how fun it is!

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Once we had all the colors we wanted, I put the bread in the toaster, and she got to eat her creation.  (With some peanut butter added for good measure…and a source of protein.)

What I Learned the Hard Way:  You may not want to make too much edible “paint.”  Our bread ended up so soggy in the middle that I had to toast it extra long in an attempt to dry it out before serving it.

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