Tissue Paper Jack o’ Lantern Halloween Pumpkin Suncatchers

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Pumpkins

I am SO excited to share this Halloween kids craft with you today! Not only is this tissue paper pumpkin easy and pretty, it utilizes our extensive library of free pumpkin stencils! You might like the cute black cat I used in this project, but we have nearly 100 more stencils for you to try – here’s just a small sample of them:

Pumpkin Stencils from Woo! Jr. Kids Activities

That’s makes this project extremely versatile for a wide range of ages and interests!

What You Need to Make this Halloween Pumpkin Craft for Kids:

  • Tissue paper in fall colors
  • Clear contact paper
  • A printer to print out the templates
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to Make Tissue Paper Stained Glass Halloween Pumpkins

Here’s the visual instructions in our latest YouTube video – please subscribe to our channel!

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First you’ll need to print the pumpkin outline template. We have a tall version and a wide version, because some designs are better for one or the other. You don’t need all four – just the inside and the outside of the wide or the inside and the outside of the tall – your choice.

Make the “stained glass”: Cut up tissue paper into small squares. I used pretty small squares (less than 1″ each), but bigger squares will be easier to work with for younger children. Cut a piece of clear contact paper about the size of a piece of standard printer paper. It really only needs to be as big as the inside cutting line template, but make it slightly larger so that you can cut it to the correct size later. Peel off the backing of the contact paper and completely cover the sticky side with the tissue paper squares. Now cut another piece of clear contact paper (same size as the first), and place it over the top of the tissue paper, sandwiching it between the two outside layers of contact paper.

Cut out the pattern pieces: Tape the Inside Cutting Line template to the piece of “stained glass”, and cut around the outside line. You’ll have a piece of tissue paper stained glass that’s in the general shape of a pumpkin. Now cut out the Tall Pumpkin Outline or the Wide Pumpkin Outline – both the outside and the inside. Lastly, choose your pumpkin stencil and cut it out as well. If you choose an intricate design, be sure to print out TWO copies so that you have a visual guide as to how the pieces will be glued together in the next step.

Glue it together: Put glue on the back of the Outline piece you cut out, and glue the sandwiched stained glass contact paper piece you cut out to the back of it. Now glue your pumpkin stencil design to the center of the pumpkin as well. If you want to hang it in your window, you can tape it up or use a hole punch in the pumpkin stem to put a piece of string to hang it from.




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