Things That Go Coloring Pages from Ready, Set, Color!

Here is a preview of another fabulous activity book we’ll be publishing soon: Ready, Set, Color! A Fast and Cool Coloring Book for Boys & Girls. We are so excited for your child to dive into the treasure trove of fast vehicles in this coloring book for kids! It will keep your little one entertained for hours as they add a burst of color to fun illustrations of trucks, cars, airplanes and more things that go. Actually, we couldn’t wait any longer to get this material into your child’s hands, so we put together this free set of things that go coloring pages from Ready, Set, Color! as an engaging preview.

Things that go coloring pages for boys and girls

A world of fun vehicles. This cool coloring book for kids is full of cool cars, tall trucks, and hot wheels all waiting for a splash of color to take them to the next level. This activity book for kids is an adventure that is both fun and creative. Encourage your child’s love of things that go with this collection of coloring pages for kids.

A race to the finish line! From coloring various modes of transportation to using their imagination to create their custom ride, Ready, Set, Color! is a wheel-turning adventure that introduces your little one to different shapes and objects using vehicles with every exciting page turn.

With Ready, Set, Color! this fun transportation book helps your little one:

  • Learn about vehicles through different things that go on land, sea and air
  • Develop creativity and imagination using color
  • Sharpen attention to detail and coloring inside the lines

Print these free coloring pages from Ready, Set, Color! now before the coloring book is released in October.

Printable Coloring Pages from Ready, Set, Color!


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