The Book of Awesome Girls Printable Activities

Not only do I love this YA nonfiction book as a source of inspiration for a strong woman, as a mother of girls I love it even more! So much so that I was compelled to share The Book of Awesome Girls with you along with printable activities created to stimulate thoughts and generate conversations for you to have with your own awesome girl.

The Book of Awesome Girls (2)

Driven by girl empowerment, this collection of biographies tells the unique stories of strong voices – despite age. From artists to athletes, The Book of Awesome Girls showcases a plethora of passions and skill sets to prove that strong is the new pretty.  According to these famous girls, you don’t have to be of voting age to make a difference. Before they were seasoned women, little feminists were changing society and inspiring future generations.

Isn’t that what we want to teach our coming-of-age girls today? That disabilities are not weaknesses, as Amanda Gorman shares with her story. That being brave and blazing the trail, like Sylvia Mendez, brings people together to fight for justice. Malala Yousafzai was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of seventeen. Days after her thirteenth birthday, Anne Frank began writing one of the most poignant glimpses of Nazi occupation.

Packed with mini biographies of these and so many other female heroes, The Book of Awesome Girls features famous girls alongside the equally awesome teens omitted from the history books. The Amazon description says its for teens, but do not let that discourage you from getting it for your tween. After reading it myself, I shared it with my 11-year old who finished it within three days.

My 11-year old daughter’s testimony:

“Anne Frank and Bethany Hamilton were my two favorite awesome girls in this book. It was interesting reading about Anne Frank and her family hiding when the Nazis seized control of Germany. Last year we learned about the Holocaust in school, so reading more about her story in The Book of Awesome girls was fascinating. I feel like Bethany Hamilton and I have a lot in common. We are both athletes and share the same style, and I am inspired by her fearlessness and perseverance. “

When asked if Ellen would recommend this book to friends her age, she replied: “Yes, The Book of Awesome Girls is super interesting. It’s inspiring to read about girls that never gave up. It makes me want to set big goals (and practice my soccer more).”

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Inside The Book of Awesome Girls, you’ll find captivating chapters such as:Gift Idea for Awesome Girls in Your Life

  • Little Entrepreneurs: Girls With Vision
  • Beautiful Royals: Girls Who Rule the World
  • Dancers and Actresses: Turning Creativity into Social Change
  • And more!

The Book of Awesome Girls makes a fabulous gift! Get a copy for yourself and for the awesome girls in your life. Order your empowering copy today!

The Book of Awesome Girls Printable Activities

This book is filled with inspirational stories. It may be the perfect time to sit down and talk about your child’s passions, dreams and goals. Check out these goal setting worksheets for kids! They  provide a perfect follow-up activity for your young girl who is coming into her own awesomeness!

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