Thanksgiving Preschool Worksheets

We’re so happy to be releasing these brand new Thanksgiving preschool worksheets. These activity pages will provide educational entertainment for your young ones, ages three to five.

There’s a cornucopia filled with objects to identify and color by shape. A pumpkin dot-to-dot will help with letter recognition and tracing. We have created three “Do You See?” pages for your preschooler to find the object and color it, honing the skill of staying within the lines. (Each activity page slightly disguises the Thanksgiving themed object so that your children can use colors to reveal the identity of each item.)

Thanksgiving Preschool Worksheets

We’ve also included an autumn “Spot the Differences” game. This colorful activity page is a great opportunity to engage with your child, while boosting his/her vocabulary and verbal expression. Use it to prompt a discussion with your child about the picture. Ask questions like: “What do you see?”  “What are the characters feeling?” “What do you think is going to happen next?” “The children in the picture seem to be having so much fun playing together in the fall leaves. What is your favorite part about fall?” Take turns communicating, and use worksheets like these to initiate back and forth exchanges to introduce new ideas and possibilities into their imagination.

Download our Thanksgiving Bundle of 170+ pages of printable Thanksgiving activities all at once here!

Thanksgiving Preschool Worksheets

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