Thanksgiving Paper Crafts: Turkey Pinwheels

I’m so ready for the holiday season to be here this year! My work load is lighter than it has ever been, and that means = more time for crafting!! I have some really cool Thanksgiving crafts up my sleeve right now – I can wait to do them with my kids and get them posted.

This idea for Turkey pinwheels came to me yesterday when I was out in the car running errands. Is it just me, or do you also get your best ideas at the most inconvenient times, too? Like in the shower – or while I’m cleaning and covered in grime… seriously.

Thanksgiving Pinwheel Paper Craft

Thanksgiving Pinwheel Paper Craft

You might also like this paper plate and felt pie craft project!

Thanksgiving Paper Craft Pinwheels

Assembly instructions are on page 1 – they spin better if you can use heavier paper, btw!

Turkey Tail Feather Pinwheel for Coloring

Turkey Tail Feather Pinwheel for Coloring

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