Thankful Turkey Craft for Kids

My boys have been very blessed to live a very comfortable life. They have rarely wanted for anything, and never needed anything. Because of that, they sometimes forgot just how blessed they were. So, each year, we would create a gratitude craft. But, one of my favorites was the terra cotta thankful turkey craft we made when the boys were in elementary and middle school.  

Thankful Turkey Craft

Thankful Turkey Craft for Kids

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Flower Pot Thankful Turkey Craft Supplies:

  • Terra cotta pots.
  • Craft popsicle sticks.
  • Construction paper or craft foam.
  • Permanent marker.
  • Glue. 
  • Scissors.
  • Rice or beans. 
  • Optional – googley eyes. 

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This fun craft is super easy and can be done by elementary school crafters with very little supervision. It is a great activity for kids of all ages though!

Let’s get started on this fun terra cotta turkey craft! Firstly, gather all of your supplies.

First, cut the paper into feather shapes. If you aren’t able to do that, you could just paint wide craft popsicle sticks instead. Then, glue the feathers onto the craft sticks. Set the sticks aside and allow the glue to dry. 

Then, cut the construction paper into the shape of a beak and a turkey waddle. 

Then, glue the beak and waddle onto the terra cotta pot. If you want to use googley eyes, glue them on as well. If not, use a permanent marker to draw they eyes on the planter. 

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Then, begin writing your thankful blessings on the craft sticks feathers. We asked each of the boys to write five or more when they were younger. 

Being Thankful with Children at Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey Craft Gratitude Craft for Thanksgiving

Finally, fill your terra cotta pot with rice or beans, and stick the gratitude feathers in the pot. 

That’s it! I hope I’ve inspired you to create an adorable terra cotta thankful turkey craft with your little ones! 

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