Teacher Gift Box from Recycled Oatmeal Can

Teacher Gift Box from Recycled Oatmeal Can

Hello! Today I’m sharing this project showing you how to make a teacher gift box from a recycled oatmeal can! This is super quick and can be made by kids or parents. Plus, its easily customizable with the teachers name or school colors. Also, the teacher can easily use it as a holder for paintbrushes, pens, or other items after they’ve removed the gifts! Let’s get started!

Teacher Gift Box from Recycled Oatmeal Can


  • Empty oatmeal can.
  • Black paint.
  • Foam brush.
  • Ribbon.
  • Permanent adhesive roller.
  • Scissors.
  • Letter stickers. Or you can write on it with a paint pen!

Start by painting your whole oatmeal can, including both sides of the lid, with your black paint. Mine took two coats to cover completely. Let this sit and dry for at least an hour. Now take your ribbon and measure your ribbon around the can with about a half inch of overlap.

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Cut two pieces of ribbon to the length you measured. Take your adhesive roller and put adhesive all over your ribbon. You can also use hot glue, but any bumps will show under the ribbon. Wrap each ribbon around the top and bottom of your can.

Now all you have to do is add your letter stickers! I made the front of the can say “A+ Teacher”, and the lid say “Thank You!” You can also spell out the teacher’s name, the school name, or the grade.

To fill this up with gifts, I like to layer a bit of crumpled up tissue paper on the bottom, and then tuck the gifts on top. Some good ideas are gift cards, mints, chocolate, cool pens or pencils, sticky notes, keychains, a note or piece of art from your kids, a handwritten thank you note from you, or even a small candle or aromatherapy mist! I hope you enjoyed learning how to make a teacher gift box from a recycled oatmeal can!

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