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Susan B. Anthony is really one of my favorite women in history. She was so ahead of her time, and she had a family that encouraged her to fight for women’s rights when it was against much of what the world believed in. When one of her teachers refused to teach her long division because she was a girl, her dad pulled her out of school and taught her himself!

Some of the amazing things Susan did include:

  • She was a teacher for 15 years
  • She traveled the country, lecturing and canvassing for women’s right to vote
  • She campaigned to abolish slavery
  • She also campaigned for the right for women to own property
  • She championed the cause of allowing women to keep their own earnings
  • She advocated for women’s labor organizations
  • She got the University of Rochester to enroll women

Although she died 14 years before women received the right to vote, she was the first woman to appear on circulating coins in the United States. The only other women to appear on circulating US coins have been Helen Keller (on the Alabama quarter in 2003) and Sacagawea on the dollar coin beginning in 1999). She was also featured on U.S. stamps in 1936 and 1954.  Clearly, she is an incredible role model for both children and adults today.  Not only was she such an incredible part of the Women’s Suffrage movement, but she’s also a great example of how commitment and determination really can change the world for the better.

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It’s pretty amazing to think how much the world has changed just in the last century, especially when it comes to equality.  Clearly, we haven’t reached total equality, but if we and our children learn from Susan B. Anthony’s shining example, perhaps it is something we will see in our lifetimes.

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