Sunflower Paper Plate Craft

Paper Plate Sunflower Fall Craft

This year is the first time I’ve grown sunflowers, and I must admit that I think they are my most favorite thing I’ve ever grown. So I asked my daughter Cassidy to develop a fun sunflower paper plate craft – and she did an AMAZING job!

What you will need to make this sunflower craft for kids:

  • Small yellow paper plate
  • Small yellow-orange paper plate
  • Large green paper plate
  • Glue (We used two kinds that were perfect for this project: Aleene’s clear gel tacky glue and a hot glue gun)
  • Black beans
  • Wooden paint stirring stick
  • Green paint
  • Brush or sponge

Sunflower Craft Materials

Video Instructions:

Written Instructions:

Start off by cutting petals into your paper plates. The yellow-orange plate will be on top. Trim the outer rim off and cut triangle shapes out of the plate all around the edge. The yellow plate is next and will be cut the same, however, do not remove the rim for this one. For the big green plate, cut larger and taller triangles. There should not be many petals on the green plate. Place glue on the center of the yellow plate, placing the yellow-orange one on top. Then, place glue in the center of the green plate, placing the other two on top.

Using the green paint and a brush or sponge, lightly dab into the paint and cover two-thirds of the stirring stick. The last third doesn’t need to be painted because the top of the flower will cover it. Let dry. Take a few of your scrap pieces of paper from your green plate and round the edges. When the stem is dry, use some glue to secure these to the edges of the stem on alternating side to give the effect of leaves!

Make a small pool of glue in the center of the flower (the orange plate) and use your finger to smear it all together. Add your black beans to cover the sticky area. If you want, you can add a layer of glue over the beans as well to best secure them from falling off your flower even after the glue has dried.

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Place some glue on the unpainted end of the stir stick and add your flower on top. With the weight of the plates, glue and beans, it may be necessary or helpful to use a hot glue gun for this part. Let dry once again!

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