Summer Worksheets for Kids

My kids are well into the last days of school for the year – and that means that I’m going to have three months of finding ways to keep my kids busy all day, every day. We started a tradition last summer of taking a ‘field trip’ every Friday, but that meant they needed lots of stuff to do Mondays through Thursdays. This year I have a whole room set up for crafts and have been working hard on putting together tons of printable activities that I know my kids will enjoy. I hope yours will, too! These summer worksheets would make a great activity packet to send home with kids for summer vacation, or print out a bunch for your summer road trip!

Over 60 Free Summer Printable Activities for Kids of All Ages!

Summer Worksheets and Activities

These summer worksheets are a great activity to bring with the family on long road trips. They will keep your kids quiet, busy, AND enhance school skills while on summer break!

Summer Preschool & Kindergarten Worksheets

For younger children ages 3-5, here are 3 comprehensive sets of fun summer themed worksheets to practice counting, tracing, cutting, and shape recognition.

Summer Workbooks

Summer Reading Activities

Nothing beats a good book on a warm summer day! Encourage young readers with our reading logs, bookmarks, or poems about summer.

Printable Summer Games

The full luau bingo and road trip bingo games with 10 different playing cards are at the links below. The next matching and dominoes games need to be printed twice on two sheets of paper. Print and cut out the summer dominoes and play as you would any simple domino game. Print and cut out the matching cards (again two sheets), turn them over on a table, and play as a regular matching game. Try to use thick paper so that the art doesn’t show through on the back side! We’ve also added some great mazes, printable crafts

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Summer Coloring Pages


Summer Activities

Check out this great article for the season: 10 Life Skills to Teach Your Kids This Summer!

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