Summer I Spy Games for Kids

My kids are always so excited when summer break arrives! They have big plans for the outdoors of pool time, bike rides, neighborhood cookouts, farmers’ market visits, lemonade stands…their summer bucket list is long and filled with adventure. But down time is also important. And rather than having them park in front of the screen, activities like these summer I Spy games for kids is very appealing as a parent. Print these now and put them in your “Screen Free” file or save this page to your “Summer Activities” bookmarks. You’ll want quick accessibility to this easy prep, no mess activity that your child will love.

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This set of printables includes three difficulty levels, making it perfect if you have multiple age ranges at home or if your child is seeking more challenge. I Spy is a fun game to make into a race. You can have your kids play individually or as teams. Make copies of the same puzzle page. Hand everyone a pencil. On your marks – get set – GO! First one done gets first choice of popsicles!

Summer I Spy Games for Kids

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