Summer Cut and Paste Activity Pages

This free set of summer cut and paste activity pages provides fun “down time” entertainment for your preschooler. Inside this printable activity pack you’ll find an array of puzzles and matching games to help build your little one’s skills over the summer. There’s also a fun activity that includes ordering numbers to finish the picture puzzle.

Summer Cut and Paste Activity Pages

As a parent, I’ve always found it super helpful to print out activities at once when I find them, so I don’t have to bookmark them and come back to printing later. I have multiple file folders for my kids’ printable activities. And once I’ve printed a set of activity pages, I simply slide them into the appropriate folder for later. My girls know that being bored is an easily solvable problem to have. They have easy access to their activities to quickly grab something to do anytime they’d like. And they’ve both become very proficient at utilizing their options to prepare for road trips, travel and even quiet time with friends.

Some of my labels include:

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Coloring Pages
  • Puzzles
  • Brain Teasers
  • Printable Crafts
  • Games
  • Reading Worksheets
  • Party Ideas
  • Holidays

Hope you find this helpful. If you have a system in place for storing your printables, we’d love to hear about it. Please share in the comments below. 🙂

Summer Cut and Paste Activity Pages

Check out My First Book of Toddler Activities! This activity book is a valuable educational resource to add to any preschool or homeschool curriculum! 

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