Summer Color by Number Pages

Need a quiet activity for your kiddo to do so you can “get more stuff done?” These summer color by number pages provide another creative experience for your child.

Summer Color by Number Pages


These mystery coloring pages have many benefits that contribute to your student’s learning. Color by number pages stimulate creativity and concentration while your child is engaged with colors and shapes. While promoting independence, these worksheets improve fine motor skills and are big time confidence builders. Each page within this set uses between 2 and 6 colors (some are more complicated than others). These worksheets are great time filler activity pages, or fun to keep kids from getting bored, especially as we embark upon summer break.

Ultimately, aren’t we all looking for activities to give our children and not feel guilty about them being in front of their screens? It’s the reason Woo! Jr. was created in the first place – to provide more time for parents and educators while children and students are working on creative educational activities. And we pledge to continue to generate content that nurtures your child’s growth and fosters their creativity.

Summer Color by Number Pages

Download our Summer Printable Activities BundleLiterally hundreds of pages of summer-themed printable kids activities for fun and homeschooling!

Looking for more fun summer themed printables? Check out these Summer Worksheets that include over 60 free summer printable activities. (Great for preschool aged through to middle school.)

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