Summer BuJo Ideas For Teens

Hello! I’m back again to share some Summer BuJo Ideas For Teens with you! I’ve included a title page, two weekly layouts, a reading list, a digital monthly layout that can easily be hand done as well, and a step by step of some super cute summer doodles.

Summer Bullet Journal Ideas For Teens

This first layout idea is a popsicle themed title page. There’s a small calendar in the center, topped with the name of the month and surrounded by drippy popsicles! The step by step of how to draw the popsicles is at the bottom of this post. To create this layout all you need is a pencil, pen, and three colors of markers.

Summer Bullet Journal Ideas For Teens

You can even make each popsicle a different color or flavor if you’d like. What makes this layout really pop is the popsicle pattern done inside of the bubble letters. All you need to do is draw bubble letters in any style you’d like, and then add a randomly wavy line part way down the letter to make the drippy effect!

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For the first weekly layout, I again went with a food theme. Summer for our family revolves around a lot of good food! Well, and I may not have had lunch yet while working on these… Haha! The large pineapple in the middle of the page was done using the step by step tutorial at the bottom of this post. For the days of the weeks I just wrote them with a marker, and then outlined them with a thin pen.

I really like layouts like this because they give you a lot of flexibility to organize your daily tasks however you prefer under each day.

For our next weekly layout, I was thinking of carnivals and fairs. I drew a simple long box weekly layout, and then added triangle banners at the top, and stars at the bottom!

For how to make the triangle banners, check out these Easy Doodles for Your Bullet Journal. For the stars, I lightly drew a star with my pencil, traced the outside with pen, erased the pencil and then colored it in!

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Me and my kids always have a super long list of books we want to read, and your bullet journal is a great way to keep track of those! I drew a little stack of books, and wrote a simple title at the top! Just write the titles of the books you want to read inside the little books! You can make one of these pages for books you want to read, or to track books you’ve already read this summer. One thing I like to do is list the books I want to read, and then highlight them when I’ve actually read them!

Books are super easy to draw too. Just sketch out a rectangle and add curves to the ends!

I just wanted to show you another option for a monthly layout. I did this very quickly on my iPad, but you can easily do this by hand with a ruler, pen, and markers.

And here are the doodles!! There’s a popsicle, beach ball, lemon slice, umbrella, and a pineapple! I hope you give doodling a try, even if bullet journaling isn’t your thing. I love how a cute little doodle can add such a pop of happy into a regular planner or journal. If you enjoyed these Summer Bullet Journal Ideas For Teens, please let know and also let us know if there are any other doodle or bullet journaling ideas or tutorials you’d like to see!

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