Sudoku for Kids Printable Worksheets and Book

Our newest book in print has been released! We’re happy to announce Sudoku for Kids: 100+ Sudoku Puzzles From Beginner to Advanced! This is a perfect book to introduce children to the fun and challenge of sudoku puzzles. We start off with very easy 4 x 4 puzzles, and work up to harder 4 x 4 puzzles, and then kids can take on easy then hard traditional 9 x 9 sudoku puzzles! Part math, part logic, sudoku is great for developing analyzation skills, attention to detail, and logic/deduction thinking.

Sudoku for Kids: 100+ Sudoku Puzzles From Beginner to Advanced

How to Play Sudoku for Kids!

Fill in the missing numbers to complete the puzzle. Every column, row, and grid must contain the numbers 1 through 4 without ANY repetition. Use logic to see where numbers fit in.

Instructions on How to Play Sudoku 4 x 4 Puzzles

Using tricks like that, you can finish each Sudoku puzzle.

Give some a try with these easy puzzles samples from the book!

9×9 Sudoku puzzles work in the same way, but now we need to keep track of more than twice as many numbers.

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Instructions on How to Play Sudoku 9x9 Puzzles

Let’s give it a try with these 9×9 printable sudoku puzzles!

Sudoku Answer Keys

Lastly, sudoku is no fun if you get stuck. So here are the answers to all of the puzzles on this page:

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