Styrofoam Snowman Craft

Winter in Florida means we make our own snow, and snow activities. My sons always wanted to make snowmen, and even when we have been able to play in the snow, the first thing they wanted to do was make a snowman. So, each winter, we would have a “snow day” at home and paint with snow, make sensory snow, and finally, we made a styrofoam snowman craft! We would let the boys have a snow day on the coldest morning of the season each year, and it was truly so much fun.

Styrofoam Snowman Craft

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Winter Snowman Craft Project Supplies:

  • Styrofoam balls in two sizes.
  • Hot glue glue.
  • Red and black felt. 
  • Black and orange craft paint and paintbrush or q-tips.

This fun little project is a great snow day craft, but you will need to help younger crafters with the hot glue. When the boys were younger I would add the hot glue to the styrofoam balls and help them place another foam ball on top of the hot glue.

Let’s get started! First help your little crafters assemble the snowman. We used two Styrofoam balls for this snowman, but you can use three if you want. Add a little hot glue to the larger ball, and stack the smaller one on top.

How Kids Can Make a Winter Snowman

Make a styrofoam snowman

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Next, cut strips of red and black felt. The red felt is for the snowman’s scarf. Then, snip a few strips of fringe on each end of the scarf. Then, cut a strip of black felt. This is the snowman’s hat. Use fabric glue or hot glue to make a top hat for the snowman. Roll a section into a tube, and secure it with glue. Then, add a small felt circle on top, and a larger felt circle on the bottom.

Next, use a dot of hot glue to secure the snowman’s hat and scarf on the styrofoam balls.

Now, use a q-tip or paint brush tip to add buttons, and the snowman’s mouth and eyes on the snowman. Then, add a little orange carrot nose.

Finally, use your thumb to flatten the bottom of your snowman so he can stand up.

Winter snowman craft for kids

That’s it! I hope our snow day activities inspired you to create your own styrofoam snowman craft!

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