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Every state in the Union has its own unique symbols, many of which are a source of pride for residents.  Put all of these state flower coloring pages together for an interesting glimpse into each individual state, or simply print out the ones that symbolize states that are important to your family.

In addition to flowers, each state also has its own bird, tree, and flag, as well as a state motto.  Other possible state symbols include animals, fish, dinosaurs, mammals, insects, reptiles, amphibians, gems, fossils, food, songs, and sports.  That’s a whole lot of ways to build state pride!  For more information on state trees, check below the printables!

Some of the states have had official flowers for more than a century.  For example, the California poppy was recognized in that state in 1903, and Colorado made the Rocky Mountain Columbine its state flower way back in 1899.  However, Alaska didn’t name the Forget-Me-Not as its official state flower until 2004.

If you had to guess your state’s flower, bird, or tree, would you know the answer? From Alabama to Wyoming, here are all 50 state flowers coloring pages!

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  • Alabama – Longleaf Pine
  • Alaska – Sitka Spruce
  • Arizona – Palo Verde
  • Arkansas – Pine
  • California – Coast Redwood/Giant Sequoia
  • Colorado – Blue Spruce
  • Connecticut – White Oak
  • Delaware – American Holly
  • District of Columbia – Scarlet Oak
  • Florida – Cabbage Palmetto
  • Georgia – Live Oak
  • Hawaii – Candlenut Tree/Kukui
  • Idaho – Western White Pine
  • Illinois – White Oak
  • Indiana – Tulip Poplar
  • Iowa – Oak
  • Kansas – Eastern Cottonwood
  • Kentucky – Tulip Poplar
  • Louisiana – Bald Cypress
  • Maine – Eastern White Pine
  • Maryland – White Oak
  • Massachusetts – American Elm
  • Michigan – Eastern White Pine
  • Minnesota – Red Pine
  • Mississippi – Magnolia
  • Missouri – Flowering Dogwood
  • Montana – Ponderosa Pine
  • Nebraska – Eastern Cottonwood
  • Nevada – Singleleaf Pinyon Pine
  • New Hampshire – Paper Birch
  • New Jersey – Northern Red Oak
  • New Mexico – Pinyon Pine
  • New York – Sugar Maple
  • North Carolina – Longleaf Pine
  • North Dakota – American Elm
  • Ohio – Ohio Buckeye
  • Oklahoma – Eastern Redbud
  • Oregon – Douglas Fir
  • Pennsylvania – Eastern Hemlock
  • Rhode Island – Red Maple
  • South Carolina – Cabbage Palmetto
  • South Dakota – Black Hills Spruce
  • Tennessee – Tulip Poplar
  • Texas – Pecan
  • Utah – Blue Spruce
  • Vermont – Sugar Maple
  • Virginia – Flowering Dogwood
  • Washington – Western Hemlock
  • West Virginia – Sugar Maple
  • Wisconsin – Sugar Maple
  • Wyoming – Plains Cottonwood
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    These are great! I love them. It would be nice if they could be re-sized to half or quarter page but other than that, they are absolutely perfect!

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