Star Constellation Craft for Kids

When I was a young girl, I loved looking up at the night sky. I would try to count the stars, and earnestly look for constellations. And, when I had my own children, we would lay on blankets in the yard and look up at the stars together. We even added the solar system to one of our boys’ ceilings. Because of our love for stars, and space, we would make star constellation crafts with stickers often!

Star Constellation Craft with Stickers

Kids’ Star Art Activity

Make sure you check out our 18 printable constellation maps / charts for some ideas for this cute kids’ craft!

Constellation Art Project Supplies:

  • Star stickers.
  • Black construction paper.
  • Chalk or a white gel pen.

This fun craft is one that little astronomers in training can do independently. But, I always took the opportunity to teach the boys a little bit about space, stars, and the solar system while they worked on their star sticker constellation art project. This was a great way for my younger boys to work on their fine motor skills. Peeling the stickers off of the carrier sheet, and holding a thin piece of chalk would frustrate them sometimes, but I knew they were developing necessary skills and finger strength!

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Let’s get started! First, gather your supplies. Of course, we used to keep our favorite crafting supplies in a bucket for easy access. 

Now, look up some constellations. My kids loved to make Orion and the Dippers. 

Then, have the kids place star stickers on the black construction paper to coordinate with the stars in the constellations. For instance, Ursa Minor, or the Little Dipper, has 7 stars. Four that make a square-ish shape, and three more to create a slightly arched handle. 

Then, after the star sticker constellations have been put onto the paper, use a piece of white chalk to connect the stars. 

That’s it! I hope this stellar star constellation craft has inspired you to create your own out of this world art project!

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