Stamped Ice Cream Craft

It is officially Summer. And, that means if we aren’t eating ice cream, we are thinking about ice cream. It is so very hot! But, as a teacher, I couldn’t just let my little learners eat ice cream all day every day. So, some days we would make ice cream crafts. And, this stamped ice cream craft was always a favorite! 

Stamped Ice Cream Craft

Stamped Ice Cream Art

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Stamping Supplies:

  • Construction paper – one piece of brown, and one colored.
  • Several colors of paint.
  • School glue.
  • Marker.
  • Scissors.
  • Any flat round object – we used a plastic cup.
  • Optional – ice cream sprinkles.

This fun craft is super easy and can be done by artists of all ages with very little supervision. 

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Let’s get started. First, gather all of your supplies. This will make crafting a lot easier. 

First, cut a triangle shape out of the brown construction paper. Then, glue it onto the full sheet of colored construction paper. You can add some criss cross lines with the marker to the triangle to make it look more like an ice cream cone. 

Next, add some paint to a pallet or paper plate. 

Now, dip the cup bottoms into the paint. Then, stamp the cups onto the construction paper above the paper ice cream cone you just made. Add as many scoops of ice cream to your cone as you would like! 

You can even add ice cream sprinkles on the paint while it is still wet. 

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That’s it! I’m not sure if this stamped ice cream craft will satisfy your craving for ice cream, but it will be fun to make! And, I hope it inspired you to create your own stamped ice cream! 

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