Stained Glass Ornament Coloring Pages & Crafts

Our printable Christmas ornaments are ever so popular. So we created this beautiful new set of stained glass ornament coloring pages and crafts for you. This paper stained glass ornament collection includes Santa, Rudolph, snowflakes and bells. Print them all, color them using vibrant markers or paint pens (maybe even a splash of glitter glue for some extra sparkle), cut them out, and they’ll look brilliant on your Christmas tree!

These coloring craft pages provide an engaging way for your child to help you decorate for the Christmas season.

Stained Glass Ornament Coloring Pages & Crafts

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Stained Glass Ornament Coloring Pages & Crafts

The instructions for each ornament are printed right on each page, but here are a few tips:

How to Make These Printable Christmas Ornaments:

  1. Print out the ornaments on card stock, and color as desired. You might even want to use a little glitter glue for a sparkly touch!
  2. Cut out the ornaments on the outside line.
  3. SCORE the folds with a ruler and dull pointed object such as a pen with no ink or the rounded tip of a butter knife. Scoring the folds will make it infinitely easier to glue together!
  4. Fold as shown in the diagram on the printable, and generously use a glue stick to glue the flaps as you bring the pyramid shape together. Hold it for a few seconds until the glue adheres to the inside. If you’re using regular glue, you’ll have to hold it together for a while longer until the glue dries a bit.
  5. Use a needle and thread to put a loop through the top of each ornament to hang it on your Christmas tree.

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