St. Patrick’s Photo Props

Have you noticed that nearly everyone claims to be a little Irish during St. Patrick’s Day? Here are 23 festive printable St. Patrick’s photo props suitable for all of your fun March shenanigans. Whether you’re hosting your own Irish gathering or planning the entertainment for your child’s classroom, these printable pages are perfect for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Photo booth props are great ice breakers for selfies, party games and all other kinds of fun. There are so many fun props to choose from in this set, including a horseshoe and a four-leaf clover for good luck and a set of top hats. Or you can customize a speech bubble for your own “Top o’ the morning” message.

St. Patrick's Photo Props

And this easy St. Patrick’s Day shamrock garland would make a perfect backdrop for your photo booth. (Seriously, this garland craft is so stinking cute and a great introduction to the art of crocheting.)

Have fun with these and let the St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans begin!

Download 150+ pages of printable St. Patrick’s themed activities all at once here!

St. Patrick’s Photo Props

These are super quick and simple to assemble. We recommend that you print these pages on card stock so that they are easier to hold up straight. Cut out the images and then glue them to dowels or inexpensive tongue depressors so that they can be held up easily in your photos.

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