St. Patrick’s Day Printable Bookmarks

This set of St. Patrick’s Day printable bookmarks printable bookmarks is really for kids of all ages! There are 16 beautiful designs and patterns to choose from to nurture your children’s love for reading and encourage them to turn more pages.

These bookmarks are a great little gift for teachers to hand out in the classroom. These also make fun party gifts to include in a goodie bag. We encourage you to print these on cardstock paper or laminate them for longevity. Wouldn’t they make a perfect gift for your school librarian? Print a few of each page and have your child cut them out to give to your librarian to share with the school. (Package them up with some candy gold coins and a special “Thank You” note to show your appreciation.)

Our local library always showcases seasonal favorites. It’s fun to see what the kiddos select for their reading material for the weeks surrounding holidays. I also came across this list of 9 delightful St Patrick’s Day books for kids by Everyday Reading. It’s a great reading list for preschool and elementary-aged children. Whether you’re seeking an informational book about the holiday or a fun tales, this list includes some great titles.

St. Patrick’s Day Printable Bookmarks

Here are some fun St. Patrick’s Day word puzzles for you to check out too!

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