St. Patrick’s Day Mazes

Who wouldn’t want to combine St. Patrick’s Day with fun maze puzzles? After all, aren’t we all on the lookout for a leprechaun this time of year? We’ve been feeling pretty lucky here at Woo! Jr. and are happy to release these nine brand new printable mazes for kids. Not only will you be looking out for a little man dressed in green and gold, now you can engage in winding through the rainbow to get to the pot of gold. Or take a twirl through Ireland and the shamrock balloon maze. These engaging St. Patrick’s Day mazes range in difficulty level for youngsters ages 5 to 8.

Activities like these printable St. Patrick’s Day mazes are mind stimulating and fabulous for fine motor practice and problem solving skills. Persistence and patience are life skills that are helped along with activity pages like these. They think they’re just playing and have NO idea they’re honing their cognitive skills. I love sharing puzzle pages and mind bending activities with the kids, especially to witness their joy of accomplishment in starting and finishing puzzles such as these mazes.  And that win is twofold, because they’re not in front of their screens and I’m feeling victorious, because I look organized by having a fun activity ready for them to do during free time. (And by the way, the Leprechaun bird maze is my favorite in this set. What’s your favorite?)

It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without sharing a pun, would it? So here’s a fun one for the day: Do you know how to tell if an Irishman is having a good time? He’s Dublin over with laughter.

Download 150+ pages of printable St. Patrick’s themed activities all at once here!

St. Patrick's Day Mazes

St. Patrick’s Day Mazes

We have all sorts of St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids, including these fun St. Patrick’s Day connect the dots printables for your little one. Or print these St. Patrick’s Day Activity Sheets & Coloring Pages to keep in the car for activities on the road during the month of March.

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