Spring and Summer Reversible Letter Blocks

Spring and Summer Reversible Decor Blocks

Hello! Can you tell I’m excited for spring? Expect lots of pastel and spring related project over the next couple weeks! Today I’m showing you how to make these adorable Spring and Summer Reversible Decor Blocks! Here’s what you’ll need.


Spring and Summer Reversible Decor Blocks


  • Set of 6 wood decor blocks.
  • Paint in 6 bright colors, plus white.
  • 6 bright colored plain or patterned papers. 
  • 6 pastel colored plain or patterned papers.
  • Letter stencils (found mine at Walmart)
  • Large and tiny paintbrushes.
  • Glue dot roller.
  • Disposable paint palette (I like using aluminum foil, paper plates, or freezer paper)

Go ahead and squeeze your 6 bright colors onto your palette, and start painting those blocks! You’ll paint each block one color. I like using a fan brush for this, because it adds even layers of color. I painted the top and two opposite sides, let it dry, and then painted the bottom and the other two sides. This way I always had a dry spot to hold on to. Paint one or two layers, if necessary, to cover your blocks. Let them dry completely. Now take one block, and trace it onto a corner of one of your bright papers.

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Measure an 1/8th of an inch in from the two traced sides, and draw lines. Now cut that out. This should make a square that is 1/16th of an inch smaller than your block on all sides.

Use this square to trace and cut out a square from all of your papers. You should end up with 6 bright squares and 6 pastel squares. You’ll use one bright and one pastel on each block.

Use your glue dot roller and add glue to the bright paper square, and center it on one side of your coordinating block. Then on the opposite side of the block, glue your pastel paper square. Now, I didn’t have an orange pastel paper, so I used this baby pink on the orange block and it still turned out really cute.

Repeat this for all of your blocks. They should all look like this! Now place your white paint on the palette, and grab your letter stencils. We’ll be stenciling the word SUMMER on the bright side of the blocks, and SPRING on the pastel side of the blocks. Center your letter stencil on the bright paper side of the block.

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Then take your small paintbrush and paint through the stencil with stippling, or up and down bouncing, method. Use a small amount of paint to start and add more as necessary to prevent the paint from bleeding under the stencil. If you’ve never used a stencil before, I recommend practicing on some scrap paper to get a feel for it before working on your finished project.

Lift up your stencil, and you have a letter! You can leave it like this for a stenciled effect, or use your brush and a tiny bit of paint to fill in the gaps to make the letter solid. Go ahead and stencil the rest of your letters. I recommend working on one whole word at a time, letting it dry, and then flipping the blocks over to work on the other word.

And you’re all done! Here’s what my summer side of the blocks looks like.

And the spring side! I love these spring and summer reversible letter blocks so much! You can also add stickers or other embellishments that go well with your blocks to decorate them even more.

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