Word Spacer Kids Craft for Easier Book Reading

Word Spacer Kids Craft for Reading Books

These word spacers are perfect for early writers learning how to space their words, as a pointer for sounding out words, or turn it sideways to keep track of what line you’re on when reading! Here’s how to make two different styles – a sparkly princess wand word spacer, and a handsome military chevron word spacer.

Sparkly Princess Word Spacer Tutorial



  • Paint. I didn’t have pink, so I mixed a cranberry red with white.
  • Self adhesive plastic rhinestone strips. These can be found in the rhinestone or bridal aisle of craft stores.
  • Large rhinestone. Or other small decorative item.
  • Popsicle stick.
  • Paintbrush.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Nail file or scissors. Optional, for rounding off the edge of the rhinestones.


If you don’t have the exact color of paint you want, start by mixing up paint to create your color. I find it helpful to keep a variety of primary colored paint, plus black and white, so I can create whatever color I’d like. Paint your popsicle stick on both sides, and don’t forget the edges. Let it dry completely. Then measure your rhinestone strip to match the width and height of your popsicle stick.


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Peel off the backing and press it firmly onto your stick. Mine was a bit short, so I lined up the bottom edges and left the gap at the top, since it will be covered anyway. This is optional, but for a smooth round finish at the bottom, trim off any excess rhinestone with sharp scissors, and then smooth it out with a nail file to math the rounded edge of the stick. Take your large rhinestone or decorative piece and hot glue it to the top of your stick.


And you’re all done!

Military Chevron Word Spacer Tutorial



  • Popsicle stick.
  • Hot glue gun. Or glue of your choice.
  • Paintbrush.
  • Paint. For background color.
  • Sharpie. For chevron color.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil.
  • Anything with a 90 degree corner. This can be a piece of paper, a ruler, anything with a square edge.
  • Focus piece. In this case, since my son likes gems, I used a black plastic rhinestone. Some other ideas are a tiny toy, a dimensional sticker, or even a pom pom.


Start by mixing up the color you want, if you don’t have the exact color in your paint stash. I wanted something close to olive or army green, so I mixed a bit of white in with a dark green. Go ahead and paint your popsicle stick with two light coats, letting it dry well in between.


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Now it’s time for the chevrons! These are made really easy with a piece of paper that has a 90 degree corner on it. Having trouble finding something? Use a post it note! So to make the chevrons I just placed the corner down and traced it with a pencil. Then I moved it down a bit, and drew a second line. That’s the first one done! It’s easy to just eye the correct distance, so don’t get too worried about it being perfect. I made chevrons in groups of three, going all the way down the popsicle stick. I left about a half inch at the top blank to add my focus point.

Then I took my sharpie marker, and colored in all the chevrons! You can use paint if you’d like, but a permanent marker works just as well and is much easier if you’re not the neatest at painting. You can also make the chevron groups different colors, or make a fun pattern.


When you’re all done creating your chevrons, you can glue on your focus piece! If it’s something flat like a sticker, you’re fine to use a regular glue. However, for anything dimensional like gems or tiny toys, I recommend hot glue for good sticking power. Can you tell I love hot glue?


And you’re all done!

How to use your word spacer


Use this to help your early writer put the correct size space between their words.


To help track which line they’re on while they’re reading. This is helpful for older readers too!


Or to point out specific words when sounding them out!

These are great little spacers that can be used a variety of ways, and fit easily inside a book or a pencil case!

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