Skulls and Skeleton Pumpkin Templates to Carve

This has got to be one of the scariest and creepiest sets of pumpkin carving designs we’ve ever shared! These designs are definitely for the teens and grown ups, not for the little ones! These skeleton pumpkin templates are super cool and come in a range from easy to expert level. And most of them are somewhat narrow and tall, making them a great choice for narrow and tall pumpkins! We even threw in a T-Rex dinosaur skeleton design, because dinosaurs are awesome.

Check out our sugar skull pumpkins, too, or download 100+ of our PDF stencils for pumpkins all at once right here!

9 Printable Skeleton Pumpkin Templates

How to Use Printable Pumpkin Stencils

Watch our 45 second video on how to transfer a pumpkin carving design! You can also trace more intricate designs using carbon transfer paper, but that requires another trip to the store (or waiting a few days for Amazon delivery!).

9 Skulls & Skeleton Pumpkin Templates

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