Simply Spooky Hanging Ghosts Craft

Today I’ve got a lightning-fast project for you and the kids – it’s my favorite, spooky hanging ghosts! Everyone has their favorite type of character on Halloween, and these adorably spooky hanging ghosts can pretty much go anywhere! We’ve got some hooked on the swingset in the backyard, on just about every doorknob in the house, some tree branches out front, and even on the plant hooks on the front porch!

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Simply Spooky Hanging Ghosts Craft


  • old white sheets or pillowcases, torn into rectangles about 3’x4′ in size
  • styrofoam, tennis, or another ball about 3-4″
  • black paint or paint marker
  • rubber band
  • sewing needle
  • embroidery thread or fishing line

First, you’ll want to take the fabric and place the ball in the middle. Then, gather the material up and use a rubber band to secure it tightly.

Next, you’ll use black paint or a paint marker to put a spooky or silly face on your ghost head! Important note: If you’re planning on hanging it from the “neck”, draw the face on the “top”. We hung ours from the top, so you can see the face is drawn on the side.

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To keep things simple, you can simply use about 3 feet of thread or fishing line and tie a knot around the neck (where you placed the rubber bands) and then another at the ends, and voila – you’ve got your hanging ghost!

I wanted to hang our ghosts from the top of their heads, so we used an embroidery sewing needle and thread to feed through the top and made a loop, tied it off, and this way too, we got our hanging ghosts!

I’m thinking I’m going to hang one in my daughter’s closet on Halloween so that when she goes in to grab her costume, she sees it! It’s fun coming up with silly “tricks” to play on your friends on Halloween, isn’t it?

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