Simple Felt Flag Puzzle

When I was still teaching in a classroom, my kids used to love felt boards. We would make our own, and I bought a ton. We used them for creative play, reading time, and even rewards. When I had my own kids, I kept felt boards in our car bag. Felt boards are great quiet activities for kids of all ages. My boys have even played with the simple felt flag puzzle we made this week.

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Simple Felt Flag Puzzle Project



  • 1 piece of red and blue felt.
  • 2 pieces of white felt. 
  • Scissors.
  • Optional – marker to create star shapes to cut.
  • Optional – Cardboard or chipboard and glue.

This project is really simple to make. Slightly older kids can make it for themselves with safety scissors or you can make it with the kids.

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Begin this project by cutting the blue felt into quarters. You will only use one quarter for this project.

Next, cut the red felt into strips. If you want your flag to be more realistic, cut out seven red strips. (Four short and three long red stripes are on the flag) We didn’t cut out seven strips because we knew we wouldn’t have fifty stars either.

Finally, cut out stars from one of the sheets of white felt. This part is a little tricky for little hands to cut, but it’s a great fine motor skill development tool.  We cut out a variety of stars for our flag, and I really love the handmade look.

Now, you can glue the second piece of white felt to the cardboard or chipboard to make a more sturdy puzzle back, but that is optional. We decided to skip that step to make storing the felt flag puzzle a little easier.

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That’s it! Now you have an adorable and totally simple felt flag puzzle!


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