Shark Tooth Craft Necklace from Craft Foam

Shark Week is quickly approaching. Do you do anything fun with your little ones to celebrate? We usually have a small Shark Week party, watch some of our favorite Shark Week episodes, and make fin-tastic shark crafts. However, one of our favorites was always the shark tooth necklaces we made. Some years we were able to find real shark teeth at the beach, but other years we simply made a craft foam shark tooth necklace project. 

Shark Tooth Craft

Shark Art Activity

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Craft Foam Shark Project Supplies:

  • Grey craft foam.
  • Small paper punch.
  • Yarn.
  • Scissors
  • Optional – white and/or black paint.

To this day, I am still super excited when I find a shark tooth on the beach.  But, they can be hard to find in our area. I have even had to buy some in the past for craft and classroom projects!

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Let’s get started on this simple craft foam shark tooth necklace project. First, gather your supplies. 

Next, sketch or trace several shark teeth shapes onto the craft foam. Then, cut each one out. We like to have at least three shark teeth on each necklace, but, you can add as many as you would like!

Once you cut out your shark teeth, use a small paper punch to add a hole or two on the top of each foam tooth. But, we decided to punch the holes after we painted our shark teeth.

Then, you can add a little dimension to the craft foam shark tooth necklace project. After I cut the foam, I added a little white and black craft paint to each foam tooth. If you decide to add some paint to the teeth, wait for the paint to dry before you move on to the next step. 

Finally, lace the yarn through the holes you punched in the top of the craft foam shark teeth. 

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That’s it! I hope this fun little craft inspired you to make your own craft foam shark tooth necklace project this Shark Week! 

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