Shape and Pattern Recognition Worksheets

Your student will have so much fun learning their basic shapes with these shape and pattern recognition worksheets. Give your preschooler or kindergartner a head start to geometry with these fun pages. Most are puzzle solving pages. This set includes challenges like fill in the missing shape to make a pattern, draw a line to match the shapes and a color by shape rainbow that also helps with color recognition. The worksheets provide great practice for identifying, naming and drawing two-dimensional shapes. They also get to exercise their fine motor skills while unlocking the pattern puzzles.

Shape and Pattern Recognition Worksheets


These worksheets are a great introduction to math. They provide a hands-on activity to learn about circles, squares, triangles, ovals, pentagons, octagons and more. Talk with your child about how many sides, points and corners each shape has.

One fun game to play with your little one is to find shapes inside your home. Make a list of the different shapes found and then count the sides of each shape. For instance, a picture frame may be a square with four sides. It’s also fun to play outside where there may be even more fun shapes to identify.

Shape and Pattern Recognition Worksheets

This set coordinates perfectly with our spring preschool worksheets and our ocean hidden pictures printables – more fun practice for shape recognition, tracing and attention to detail.

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