How to Sew Rice Heat Packs

How to Sew Rice Heat Packs

Today I’m going to share another easy sewing project and teach you how to sew rice heat packs. When cold weather comes around, there’s nothing I find more versatile to have around than a rice heat pack. You warm them in the microwave for a minute or two, and they are great for cold hands and feet, and are safer than heating pads for muscle aches. Plus, I love making and giving these as gifts to family and friends. Here’s what you’ll need!

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How to Sew Rice Heat Packs


  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric. I like using a thick stretchy knit.
  • Matching or coordinating thread
  • Ball-point needle (if using knit fabric)
  • Scissors
  • Rice
  • Pins (optional)

Start by cutting two matching rectangles out of your fabric. I made mine about 13 inches long by 7 inches wide. You can make yours any shape or size you like, though I recommend a rectangle for easy sewing and versatility. Place the rectangles right side together. If you like, you may pin the pieces together.

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Start sewing the rectangles together using a 1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving a 1 1/2 inch gap in one of the short sides.

See the gap? That’s very important. We need that to be able to fill our heat pack. Next go ahead and trim all four corners off the rectangle, making sure not to cut the threads. Now turn the whole thing right side out, using your finger tip to push out the corners.

Now fill your rectangle up with rice! If you have a kitchen funnel, that will make the job easier, or you can make a funnel out of paper. Or, just pour it in like I did. You want it comfortably full so that when the bag is laid flat it’s at least an inch thick. However, avoid overfilling it as this will make it less flexible and not as comfortable to use. Now find where your opening in the stitching is, and make sure the edges are turned under.

You can either sew this opening shut by hand for an invisible finish, or just use your machine to sew a seam all along that side, closing the gap. I like that method because it’s so quick! Just make sure not to clip any rice pieces with your needle.

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And you’re all done! Place your heat pack in the microwave for 1-2 minutes to warm it up, and them you can use it. The rice may have a bit of an earthy smell, so if this bothers you you can add dried lavender to your heat pack for a calming scent. I like using this to warm up cold toes from playing in the snow.

Or for achy joints.

And especially for those pesky muscles aches! These rice heat packs are so flexible that they’re great for necks and shoulders as well. I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this today!

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