See the Animal Drawing Book in Action!

Peek Inside the Animal Drawing Book for Kids

Making drawing simple, fun and accessible… here’s a video sneak peek of what’s inside The Animal Drawing Book for Kids!

 Ellen and Gia creating two of their favorite animals from the book. 

Draw Your Joy!

Did you download the free excerpt of the Animal Drawing Book for Kids yesterday? The book will be available for sale any day now!

Our new Animal Drawing Book for Kids breaks drawing down into simple steps, making art easy while helping young artists develop their skills.  I had an art teacher once tell me: “Draw your joy. It shows through in your work.” With this book our goal is to take ALL the intimidation out of drawing and make it a joyful experience, infusing that into all other parts of our children’s lives!

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The Animal Drawing Book for Kids will provide hours of artistic entertainment for your child. Our bestselling line of books is proven to:

  • Teach Foundational Drawing Skills
  • Increase Your Child’s Confidence
  • Foster Creativity and a Love for Art
  • Nurture Fun Family Time

Our first Drawing Book for Kids, released two years ago, has sold over 70,000 copies, becoming an Amazon #1 Best Seller. We respond with tremendous gratitude, taking our readers’ feedback to heart and receiving your request for more. Lots of love, life and thoughtfulness have been poured into sharing this Animal Drawing Book for Kids with you to help foster creativity within your young artist.

Here’s some of the praise for our first Drawing Book for Kids:

I really like the book because it is so visual and this works if your child is a visual learner. The pictures are very large and easy to follow. I found this helpful for my 11 year old and his hand and eye coordination. -Shay Jones

…It’s not often that I can find a book that interests multiple kids across multiple ages. As a homeschooling mother of 5 I love how much my kids have enjoyed doing the drawing exercises and step-by-step projects in this book. Simple enough even my little ones can do it and feel successful. WIN!! – Angela England

Bought it originally for my 7 year old son who likes to draw. Interestingly, my 6 year old also really got into drawing when she realized how easy it was to follow the step by step instructions. Now we all draw as a family. – Amazon Customer

My 6 year old loves this book. It is the one Christmas gift she has used the most. – George Blizzard III

This book is unlike any other animal drawing book on the market. 365 awesome animals are illustrated in this brand new Animal Drawing Book for Kids (that’s an animal for each day of the year). Priced at $8.99, this value can’t be beat!

Animal Drawing Book Purchase Bonuses

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PLUS, FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: you will receive MULTIPLE bonuses with your purchase, including a digital copy of the first book in this series, The Drawing Book for Kids, and our Mindfulness for Kids: Mandala Drawing Book.

In the meantime, we want you to experience a part of our new bookClick HERE to download a .PDF excerpt of the Animal Drawing Book for Kids.

Download an Excerpt of The Animal Drawing Book for Kids!

Have fun with this BONUS and let us know how you like it! Please share your comments and questions below. Also, we’d LOVE to see you and your children in artistic action! Share pics of drawings your kids are doing on your favorite social media page(s) and tag us, we’re “@WooJrKids” everywhere: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram.

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