Ruffled Spring Shorts Transformation

Don’t you just love clothes with cute little details? But sometimes finding clothes with those details can be hard, and so much more expensive than sticking with the basics. So, I’m going to show you how to take a pair of basic jean shorts and make them extra fun with this ruffled spring shorts transformation. This is a perfect easy sewing project that teens can handle!

Ruffled Spring Shorts Transformation

Aren’t they adorable? And so easy to make with a few basic sewing skills and some extra fabric.

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Ruffled Spring Shorts Transformation

Here’s what you’ll need!


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  • Plain jean shorts
  • 4 pieces of fabric, 3 inches x about 22 inches long. You’ll need more or less length depending on your shorts size. Measure around the leg of your shorts and subtract two inches to get the length of each piece of fabric.
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Sewing machine

Take two of your pieces of fabric and put them right sides together. Stitch using a 1/4 inch seam allowance on on of the short ends. Do the same with your next two pieces. Open them up and iron them flat with them seams flat like shown.

Now take each piece of fabric and fold it in half lengthwise, ironing it in half as you fold. You’ll have two long pieces of fabric folded in half.

Note: if you have difficulty with the fabric fraying, you can use fray-check on the edges.

Next we’re going to ruffle the fabric. Go ahead and set your sewing machine to the longest stitch length possible. Set the fabric so the open edge of the fold will be being sewn shut as you ruffle. Back stitch at the beginning, and then carefully stitch down the length of the fabric with a 1/8 inch seam allowance.

When you get to the end, do NOT backstitch. Take the fabric off the machine leaving a few inches of extra thread. Now you’re going to take the bottom thread and gently pull it, causing the fabric to ruffle. Keep pulling the thread and moving the ruffles down the length of the fabric until it’s a few inches longer than the opening of one of the legs of your shorts. Turn your shorts inside out. Go ahead and pin one end to the inner seam of your shorts, leaving about an inch of the end sticking past the seam. The folded edge of the fabric should be sticking out of the bottom of the shorts.

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Start pinning the ruffled fabric all along the bottom edge of the shorts. You can adjust the ruffle as you pin. I adjusted mine so the blue fabric was along the back half of the shorts, and the pink is on the front half. When you get back to the starting seam, make sure theres about an inch of fabric left and pin the two ends of the fabric together. Go ahead and stitch these ends together close to the side of the shorts.

And then trim off the excess. Now you’re going to set your machine to a standard zig zag stitch, and zig zag stitch your ruffle onto the edge of your shorts, which also will finish off the raw edges of the fabric. I used a cute pink thread for contrast, but you can use thread that matches your shorts if you’d prefer. There’s one leg done! Now just do the same thing for the second leg.

Ruffled Spring Shorts Transformation

Here’s the finished shorts! I think they’re just the cutest! Plus, my 11 year old tells me that ruffled shorts are VERY trendy in middle school.

Ruffled Spring Shorts Transformation

I hope you all have fun making your own ruffled spring shorts transformation with whatever cute fabric you have on hand!

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