Rosa Parks Day Printables

Rosa Parks Day Printables

Hello everyone! History is one of my very favorite subjects, and I believe strongly that all students should study every aspect of history that they can. Often, we pay attention to the larger holidays, and skip over the smaller ones. It’s great to take advantage of special people or historical event days to add in an extra bit of history education.

Rosa Parks Day is coming up on  February 4th, and it can be difficult to find teaching resources for this day. I wanted to create a printables set that is great for classroom or home use, and makes learning fun! This set includes a fact sheet about her life, a word search, a crossword puzzle, and a coloring sheet with one of her famous quotes. We also have a craft activity inspired by the historic bus boycott she started, and a wonderful poem about her.

For a more detailed look into her life and civil rights activism, I would recommend the Rosa Parks page on

Rosa Parks Day Printables

I hope you enjoy these Rosa Parks Day Printables! If you like these, be sure to let us know and we’ll make sure to create more for you!

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