Reward System: The Sweets Jar

Positive reinforcement rocks!

Positive reinforcement rocks!

We recently developed a reward system here at our house.  Unfortunately, my two oldest girls (ages 4 and 2) are starting to experience some sibling rivalry.  I’m pretty tired of the constant whining (“She pinched me!”) and scheming (“If you don’t give me that toy, I won’t play with you.”) and all the tears and timeouts that accompany it.  So, when I saw this idea for a reward system, I thought we’d try and use it to encourage kindness between them.

When I notice them being kind to one another, they get to put a pom-pom in the “sweets” jar.  (We actually use cotton balls.)  My aim is to focus them on being nice to each other.  When the jar is full, they get a special reward.  I like that they work together to fill it and hope that helps instill a sense of cooperation between them.  To add to their buy-in, I had the girls help me make the jar.

What You Need to Make a Reward System “Sweets Jar”

  • Large jar
  • Letter stickers
  • Decorations
  • Hot glue (if your decorations are not self-adhesive)
Reward Jar Craft Supplies

Reward Jar Craft Supplies

Use the letters to let the world know what you've made.

Use the letters to let the world know what you’ve made.

When I originally saw this idea, the jar said “caught ya being good” (you should check out how she uses it for positive reinforcement in her classroom), but I wanted to change the wording.  After a few ideas, I decided on “sweets jar” because they get rewarded for doing sweet things.

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Glue on your other decorations, and you're good to go!

Glue on your other decorations, and you’re good to go!


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