Celebrate April Showers with a Rain Stick Craft

I am so thrilled that spring is here, and we celebrated its arrival by making a rainstick.  Everything we needed for this craft was already around the house, and some of it was even recycled.  How’s that for getting into the spirit of April?  Not only have we covered the whole “April showers” thing, but we kind of hit on Earth Day, as well.

Once your rainstick craft is done, you can turn it from end to end and hear it “rain” as the rice inside slides from one end to the other.  I find that turning it slowly makes for a more realistic rain effect.

To make a rainstick, you will need:

  • An empty paper towel roll
  • Left over tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Paint brush
  • Rubber bands
  • Wax paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Rice/Popcorn kernels (if I made another one, I would just stick with the rice because I think it sounds more like rain)
Curl the foil into a spring.  Again, I used the dowel.

Curl the foil into a spring. Again, I used the dowel.

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I decoupaged the tissue paper right over the wax paper to make it less likely to come loose and fall off.

What I Learned the Hard Way: I originally had cut out wax paper circles to put over the ends, but I found them really hard to work with, so I ended up just using a bigger chunk of wax paper and cutting it after I put the rubber band on.  Also, the popcorn doesn’t sound nearly as good as the rice.

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  1. vickie

    i did this rainstick with my 1-3 sunday school class and found it to be easy and very fun..I wouls hightly recommend it…thank you

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