Recycled Candy Gift Container

11-Recycled Candy Gift Container

Wondering what to do with all that leftover Halloween candy? If your house is anything like mine, we always buy too much. And I may eat too much of it too!! I’ve found that a great way to get some of that extra candy out of your house is to gift it to someone else. Teachers, co-workers, and friends love getting a sweet treat. I love repurposing and recycling as well, so today I’m sharing how to make this Recycled Candy Gift Container! Here’s what you’ll need!

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Recycled Candy Gift Container


  • Chip can or other clean container. Mini cans work well too.
  • Paper cutter or scissors.
  • Straight edge or ruler.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Coordinating papers.
  • Letter stickers.
  • Glue runner.
  • Small decorations. I used cogs and gears that matched my paper, but you can use stickers, rhinestones, buttons, etc.

Start by making sure your container is clean. Then take a decorative paper and trim it to the height of the can. Place adhesive on the back of the paper, and then start wrapping it around the can.

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When you get to the end, make sure there’s at least an inch of overlap, and trim off the excess. Add extra glue to the edge of the paper, and seal it closed. Turn your can so the seam is at the back. Now trim another piece of paper. Mine was 3 x 3 inches, but adjust accordingly for your can.

Take out your letter stickers, and figure out what you want to say. I want mine to say “A Treat for You.” Here’s a special trick I use to get letter stickers straight every time. You’ll need a ruler or anything with a straight edge. Line up your stickers on the ruler, with the top 2/3rds of the sticker loose. Now you can easily set the whole word down on the paper where you want it. Press the top of the stickers down on the paper, and gently roll the ruler out from under the bottom of the stickers and press the rest down.

Repeat this with each line of text you want to add to your paper. Now go ahead and place glue on the back.

And attach it to the front of your container! Now let’s decorate the lid. You can cut a pice of paper to cover this as well if you’d like, but I just used my hot glue gun to layer a variety of cogs and gears on the lid.

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Then just add a few more decorations to the outside of the can if you’d like. I hot glued more gears to the corners of the label.

Fill your treat can with candy.

And give it to the lucky recipient! I hope you have fun making this Recycled Candy Gift Container!

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