Quick Christmas Gift Craft: Hot Cocoa Jars

This is Day 12 of Twelve Days of Gifts Kids Can Make! Whew!!!

My not-quite-three-year-old and I made two of these hot cocoa jar gifts in about ten minutes this morning, which worked out perfectly, since a friend unexpectedly stopped by, and we had a ready-to-go, homemade Christmas present to send home with her!

You’ll want to pick up a few extra things to make this jar gift:

  • canning jars (I got used ones from a thrift store, but you can find new ones at the grocery market or dollar store)
  • hot cocoa mix (you can make it from scratch, but I took the easy way out!)
  • mint candies
  • mini marshmallows
  • wax paper
  • ribbon
  • embellishments
  • hot glue

Start by cutting two wax paper circles that are the same size as the interior of the jar.  They don’t have to be perfect.  They’re going to help keep your ingredients separate in their layers.

Fill the bottom one-third to one-half of the jar with your cocoa mix and place one of the wax paper circles on top.  Layer the mint candies next, followed by another wax paper circle.

The top layer is mini marshmallows to float in the hot cooca.

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Finally, decorate the jar with ribbons and other embellishments.  I had some silk poinsettias around, so I hot-glued them to the top for a festive look.

What I Learned the Hard Way: Hm.  This kids’ craft really was as easy as it looks.  I guess the biggest lesson learned is that my husband is in trouble for teaching the little one that marshmallows are “snowman poop.”  I got to hear that term over and over again this morning!

Remember, this is Day 12 of Twleve Days of Gifts Kids Can Make! 12 down and NO more to go!

Happy Holidays, everyone! xo

Oh! And check out these darling DIY Painted Hot Cocoa Ornaments that would go perfectly with this gift idea!

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  1. Vicki

    I’d forgotten the little marshmallows are also referred to as “snowman poop”…must work this into the conversation with my grandkids every chance I get!

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