Pumpkin Faces to Carve A Dozen Jack o’ Lanterns for Halloween

We are on a ROLL with new pumpkin stencils this year! I’m not sure why there are so many new pumpkin design ideas floating around in my head, but I’m trying to get every single one of them drawn for you before Halloween. You might have a hard time choosing – that’s our goal! 😉 This newest set is inspired by traditional jack o’ lantern pumpkin faces from many years ago. While these are fairly simple and straightforward to carve, they are definitely anything by ordinary! I think my favorite is the Bride of Frankenstein pumpkin – how awesome is she?!

A Dozen Free Pumpkin Faces to Carve

At this point Woo! Jr. has hundreds of free pumpkin stencils to choose from. Many are super easy (the faces below included!). Some are only for really brave pumpkin carvers. If you need help using a pumpkin stencil, scroll to the bottom to our video that shows you how to carve a pumpkin, step by step!

Download 100+ of our PDF pumpkin stencils all at once right here!

Pumpkin Faces for Halloween Carving

How to Use Pumpkin Stencils

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to transfer a pumpkin stencil design to your pumpkin, using just a toothpick or other small sharp object. You can also use carbon transfer paper, which is great for more intricate designs.

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