Process Art Painted Ice Castle Craft

Winter is here, and I loved teaching my little scholars about weather around the world each season. Since I taught in Florida, we didn’t have snow or ice days. But, we still loved learning about cold weather, and this project was both instructional and a cool process to experience. And, we loved winter crafts like this process art painted ice castle craft! 

Process Art Painted Ice Castle Craft

Ice Castle Craft Process Art Project

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Painted Ice Castle Craft Supplies:

  • Sand castle mold – you could use a sand bucket, but I sound smaller molds at a local big box store for just a few dollars. Alternatively, you could cut a two-liter pop bottle in half and use the bottom.
  • Water.
  • Freezer.
  • Water color paint.
  • Paper plate or tray. 

This is such a fun way for your little learners to develop their fine motor skills, and learn about weather and the seasons.

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Let’s get started on this painted ice castle craft! First, gather all of your supplies.

Begin by making the ice castles. Ours was small, so it didn’t take too long to freeze. But, if you are using a larger mold, you may want to start this project on a Friday night and allow the water to freeze over the weekend.  

Winter Process Art Project

Now, that the ice castle is frozen solid, remove it from the mold and place it on a paper plate or small tray.

Then, let your little ones paint the castle with water color paint or food coloring.    

Process Art for Kids Ideas Winter Process Art Ideas

This would also be a great birthday party activity for a Frozen themed birthday! 

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Process Art Painted Ice Castle Project

That’s it! This is such an educational process art project to do! And, I hope it has inspired you to make a fun process art painted ice castle craft with your little learners this winter! 

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