Printable Winter Photo Props

These printable winter photo props are really a fun and inexpensive way to amp up your photo shoots. They will help you create lasting joy-filled memories for the season during your next get together. Have them ready for your slumber parties, holiday gatherings, play dates during winter break or classroom activities.

Printable Winter Photo Props

Photo props are always a hilarious hit with kids. And we all know that a few of our friends are always on the lookout for fun ways to add a little more humor to their social media posts. 😉 (The text bubbles are super fun, and we’ve even left one blank for you to throw on an amusing personalized slogan.)

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Printable Winter Photo Props

They’re super quick and simple to assemble. We recommend that you print each page on card stock so that there’s some durability to hold them up straight. Cut out the props and then adhere them (hot glue, craft glue or even tape will work) to dowels or inexpensive tongue depressors so that they can easily be held up in your photos. Your family, friends and classrooms will have great fun with these!

Instantly download these with 160+ pages of printable winter activities for those colder months!


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