Printable Thanksgiving Photo Props

Thanksgiving calls for much preparation. We plan the feast weeks ahead of time, with quite an extensive grocery list created. Fall decor adorns the halls of our homes. And our senses are delighted (if not somewhat overloaded). We smell freshly baked pies coming from the oven, apple cider brewing from the stovetop, the bonfires burning outside. The leaves have turned and the fall colors are glorious. It’s a season filled with much anticipation!  And this fun collection of 25+ printable Thanksgiving photo props will add another special personal touch to your holiday gathering.

Printable Thanksgiving Photo Props

As you are busy planning and preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday, let us entertain your kiddos. Our printable activities will keep them engaged while you’re getting through your to-do list. Download 170+ Thanksgiving-themed activities instantly that will entertain your kids for hours.

Printable Thanksgiving Photo Props

These are really simple to assemble. We recommend that you print these pages using a high quality print setting on card stock so that they hold up straight. Cut out the images and then hot glue them or tape them to dowels or inexpensive tongue depressors so that they can be held up easily in your photos.

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