Printable Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

The weather has completely thrown off my internal seasonal clock this year – summer seemed to last forever, but yet I can’t believe that it is already November and Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Our printable story starters are well loved by our readers, so I’m very happy to be able to offer you our latest set with a gratitude and Thanksgiving theme! The first is a simple idea to help kids remember the things they are grateful for. The second is a fun and silly writing idea about what turkeys would say on Thanksgiving day! And the last one will allow your students to talk about their Thanksgiving family traditions.

In fact, these kinds of story starters could actually become a Thanksgiving tradition.  How fun would it be to print them out and have them waiting on the kids’ table each year?  You could gather them all together or make a separate binder for each kiddo, adding in their new responses each year.  With all the story starters on Woo! Jr., I’m thinking maybe we should do one for each holiday throughout the year.

Download our Thanksgiving Bundle of 170+ pages of printable Thanksgiving activities all at once here!

New this year – 9 more Thanksgiving writing prompts!

Check out our Thanksgiving drawing tutorials for kids – a perfect companion project for these stories!

Thanksgiving provides such a wonderful (and much-needed) opportunity to practice gratitude.  We often spend our days thinking about what we don’t have or what we’d like to have, and it’s nice to take the chance to really focus on what is already in our lives.  Whether it’s health or family or perfectly mashed potatoes, there’s pretty much always a reason to be thankful.  Gee, maybe Thanksgiving should be a monthly holiday rather than only rolling around once a year.  I suppose I could use a monthly reminder to put my energy into being grateful for the amazing things in my life…friends, family, home, and those of you who are reading this, too!

Printable Thanksgiving Writing Prompts for Kids

Printable Thanksgiving Writing Prompts for Kids

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