Printable Teacher Appreciation Cards

These printable teacher appreciation cards were created with the thought that our 2020 school year was nearing its end. We wanted to give you a fun selection of notes, cards and awards for your child to present to their teacher. However, now more than ever, our teachers are needing some extra love and thanks from their students.

Printable Teacher Appreciation Cards

Schools are closed across the nation. Our children are learning remotely. And teachers are working diligently from home to communicate with their students.

Here are some creative ways of how your child can express their appreciation to their teacher:

  • Create a video of your child reading one of our poems to their teacher.
  • Create a piece of artwork to accompany your appreciation card and take a photo of it to email to your teacher. (This puffy paint recipe is simple and a super fun art project.)
  • Make a paper bag puppet and have your child create a short video clip of their puppet telling their teacher how much they miss them.

The opportunities of teacher appreciation are endless. And your child will know best how to speak their teacher’s love language.

These thoughtful gestures with notes and cards of appreciation will brighten your teacher’s day – guaranteed!

Printable Teacher Appreciation Cards

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