Printable Summer Photo Props

We are so inspired by summer’s arrival (as you’ve probably noticed by all the fun new content). We’re particularly looking forward to summer celebrations, which call for lots of fun photo ops! Here are 24 darling printable summer photo props that scream summertime fun! Whether you’re a big time DIY party planner or pulling a last-minute celebration together, these props are a great option for helping make your upcoming bash a memorable one.

Printable Summer Photo Props


Be it a pool party, beach themed bash, or any summer themed occasion, these photo booth props will make your photoshoot extra fun. And these fun printable party props have taken selfies to a whole new level of fun. They also make great additions to your table top and centerpiece decor.

These are super quick and simple to assemble. We recommend that you print these pages on card stock so that they are easier to hold up straight. Cut out your favorite images and then adhere them to dowels, bamboo sticks or inexpensive tongue depressors so that they can be held up easily in your photos. (A hot glue gun works great.)

Printable Summer Photo Props

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