Printable Summer Mazes for Kids

One of our most recent requests was for more maze puzzle worksheets. So here are nine brand new fun printable summer mazes for kids. If you’re looking for another confidence booster for your child, these mazes are it! Your kiddo will have so much fun zig zagging through the turns and loops of these puzzles: winding through the watermelon, spinning through the sand castle or roaming through the RV maze.

Printable Summer Mazes for Kids

There are many brain boosting benefits of solving mazes. Games like these mazes provide informal learning activities that encourage concentration, persistence and patience, while improving hand-eye coordination and memory. Working through mazes teaches children the rewards of problem solving and working through a project from start to finish. And there’s usually a shriek of delight when the finish line has been crossed!

Here’s a great short read from North Shore Pediatric Therapy on why your child should practice mazes at home.

Printable Summer Mazes for Kids

If you like these, check out these Printable Mandala Mazes for Kids. They’re a bit more challenging and perfect for older puzzle lovers. You can also search for “maze” in the search bar to find an extensive collection of puzzles with a variety of age levels and themes.

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